17/21 Days of Prayer


John 8:36 (NKJV)
Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.
I recently heard about a man that had lost his prized goat. He looked everywhere and couldn’t find his goat anywhere. The phone rang a little later that night and a police officer informed him that his goat had been hit by a car. Grieved, the man got in his truck to go and get his prized goat. When he arrived at the incident scene, he looked down in the bar ditch and saw his goat. But to his surprise, the goat wasn’t dead. It had been tied up on the side of the road. The man pulled out his pocket knife and cut the goat free, but the goat wouldn’t budge. Even though he had been set free he still thought he was bound. The man picked him up and set him on his feet, and finally the goat realized he was free. 

Do you know that you have been set free?

When I first realized this, it changed everything. Most of us are praying for God to set us free but, if you are in Christ, He has already set you free! The only thing we have to do is walk in that freedom!



Lord, Thank you that I am free! That what used to hold me bound no longer holds me because you have set me free!

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