READ: Psalm 9

The other day, we were in staff meeting trying to find a solution to a small issue that had come up. An idea came to me, I told everyone the idea, and everyone agreed it would work! I walked away from the meeting feeling pretty proud of myself because I have an amazing team that comes up with great solutions so I was happy to be able to contribute a solution to our problem. A few weeks went by, the solution got brought up again, and someone said, “Pastor Crystal came up with this brilliant idea to fix it, isn’t it great!?” “What!? I came up with that!” I immediately responded! I couldn’t believe that for weeks my wife had been getting the credit for MY idea! If we’re really honest with ourselves, we all like getting credit for what we do.

Yet many of us don’t give credit to God for all the good things He has done in our lives.

That’s what worshiping in church is all about. Through singing songs and clapping on Sundays, we tell God and everyone around us that He alone deserves the credit for everything good in our lives. But sometimes, we even make worship about us too. We focus more on the people around us or we refuse to sing until the worship team plays our favorite song. Worship time is not a performance, though, it’s about giving God credit. It’s saying “Thank You” for everything good in my life. Next time you are in a worship service, give credit where credit is due.

Prayer: Lord I worship you. I give you all the glory and honor. Every good and perfect gift in my life has come from you. Let everything I do today be an act of worship to you.