READ: Psalm 7

I don’t know about you, but there isn’t a whole lot that makes me more angry than when someone falsely accuses me. When it gets back to me that someone has said that I said or did something I know I didn’t, my immediate response is to come out swinging! All of a sudden I become a defense lawyer and can be relentless about defending myself and trying to convince someone of the truth. Sometimes, I’m successful, but other times I’m not. The truth is: there are people that will always believe the worst about you, no matter what facts you present to prove your innocence. And although you don’t want to hear it, there are some people that won’t like you no matter what you do! Stop living your life trying to convince everyone to like you. God is your defender.

You can rely on yourself or you can rely on God to defend you.

That doesn’t mean you become a doormat. What I’m saying is that you can state your case but trust the results to God. He is the best defense you could ever have.

Prayer: Lord, I forgive every person that has spoken lies about me. I am making a choice to let it go and to give it to you. Thank you for being my defense.