READ: Psalm 5

We’ve probably all heard the saying, “The early bird gets the worm”. I think this is just a saying made up by morning people! There is some truth behind it though especially when it comes to spending time with God. I have learned that if I don’t make time early in my day to spend time reading my bible and praying, most of the time, it won’t get done later. It’s not that I don’t have good intentions, it’s just that the day gets away from me. I also know this:

Whenever I spend time with God before I start my day I’m a lot more prepared for whatever the day throws at me.

Maybe you aren’t a morning person and you are barely able to get yourself and your kids out the door and to school or work on time. Let me just encourage you that you can spend time with God anywhere! Some of my best times of prayer are in the car on my way to an appointment or to work. What’s amazing is that God is always willing to meet us whenever and wherever we are.

Prayer: Lord help me to make time with you a priority in my life. Life gets busy but let me always be found in you, because you are my shield and my refuge. I give this day to you. Lead me and guide me in all that I do.