4/21 Days of Prayer

Jeremiah 31:7(a) – There is hope in your future, says the Lord

Every person who belongs to the family of God has a great future ahead of them. We can be filled with hope because we know He has a wonderful plan for our lives.

It is common for people to place their trust in external and temporary things, believing that a job, an investment, or a relationship is the key to their future. While God can certainly use those things to bring blessings into our lives, He alone should be the foundation of our hope and trust.

Hope means “a confident expectation that something good will happen.” In light of that definition, Jeremiah 31:7 is saying that there is a confident expectation that something good will happen in your future! The negative emotions you have about your future are not from God. Thoughts of dread and hopelessness are sourced from the enemy, and we have to choose not to believe them. God is speaking hope over your future, while the enemy is declaring destruction! Choose which voice you will believe over your own life – one results in hope, and the other depression.

As you think about this coming year, believe what God says about your future. Stand firm on what He has promised. Know his plans are good for you, and His way always prevails.

1. Read the following verses and reflect on how to apply them to your life:

• Psalm 31:23-24

• Isaiah 58:11

2. What are some things that you need God to give you strength and courage to believe for?

• Proverbs 16:9

• Psalm 31:3

3. What are some decisions that you need God to give you guidance on?

Declare: I choose to think and speak good things about my future! I have a confident expectation that God has good things in store for me and my family!

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