READ: Psalm 4

About a year ago, I tried to call my dad and the call went straight to voicemail. I figured he was busy so I didn’t think much about it. A few days later I tried calling again, and again it went straight to voicemail. This happened over and over again. The next time I saw my dad, I told him that I had been calling but every time, it went straight to voicemail. He said he hadn’t gotten any calls from me so I started examining his phone settings. It was there that I found the problem…. I had been blocked! Shunned! Of course my dad didn’t mean to block me, but I gave him a hard time about how he had disowned me for the next month or so. I think sometimes we wonder if God is hearing our prayers or if they are just going straight to voicemail. Sometimes we expect an immediate response, but it seems like nothing happens. What I’ve learned and what David knew when he wrote Psalm 4 is that God ALWAYS hears us when we call. That’s right I said ALWAYS! We think that He doesn’t hear us because we didn’t get an immediate response but know this:

God is always working, but sometimes He’s working behind the scenes.

When you ask God for something, know that He heard you and that He is working on your behalf. Start thanking Him for working on your problems even when you can’t see Him working.

Prayer: God, Thank you for always hearing me when I call. Thank you for working on everything I’ve brought to you. Even though I can’t always see you working I know that you are.