18/21 Days of Prayer

Mark 16:15 NKJVAnd He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature”

All through the Bible you see God using people in amazing ways. God used people that were judges, kings, soldiers, fishermen, tent makers, fathers, sheepherders, among many other vocations. When people ask what God’s purpose is for their life they are usually asking what vocation God wants them to be in. They are curious, “Does God want me to be a firefighter or a nurse? Does God want me to be a school teacher, or does He want me to live on the mission field?”

I have found that God is less concerned with what career we choose, and much more concerned with the difference we are making in the world. Throughout the New Testament we see God showing up powerfully in the lives of so many people, but He never talks to them about what career to choose! We always see Him talking to people about making a difference in the lives of other people.

God’s commission for our lives is to make a difference. His commission for us hasn’t changed since He spoke in Mark 16:15. His desire is still that we tell people about Jesus, pray for people that need prayer, encourage the distraught, and become a bright light to the dark world we live in! I declare over my kids every morning when they go to school that they are the pastors of their school and a leader to their generation! What impact would you make if you went to work each day with that same mindset?

What would it look like to be the pastor…

In your workplace/school:

In your family:

In your neighborhood:

Declare: God I thank you that I am making a difference everywhere I go.

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