READ: Psalm 18

There is one word that I always underline whenever I see it in my bible. That word is “suddenly”, because that means that God is coming on the scene. Maybe you can relate to a suddenly moment. You didn’t think you would get the job and suddenly you get a call that you’re hired. Or you thought you’d never meet Mr. Right and suddenly, he appears. Suddenlys are awesome, and amazing things happen.

The good news is that God is always setting us up for a suddenly, a day when everything is going to change.

That’s what had just happened to David when he wrote this Psalm. Saul was king and he was trying to kill David. I mean really trying to kill him! Throwing spears at him and hunting him down. Then all of a sudden, God delivered David from Saul. If I had just been delivered from a mad man trying to kill me I would be pumped about it too! The day that suddenly happens is awesome, but what you have to know is that the day right before suddenly feels just like all the rest. Maybe you’re believing God for a suddenly. Maybe you’ve been enduring something for a long time and you feel like giving up. What if David would have quit and surrendered on the day before his suddenly? He would never have seen what God had been working on all along. The same is true for you. You never know when suddenly is going to happen!

Prayer: God, I know that you are always working on my behalf even when I can’t see you working. Give me strength to keep moving forward. Help me to stay the course and not give up. I know that you are a God of suddenly and I believe suddenly can happen to me at any moment.