My dad was the principal of a Christian school when I was growing up. In that school we got “swats”. Which means if we broke the rules, we went to the principal’s office and got spanked with a large wooden paddle. That paddle and I were well acquainted.
I remember one time, girl in my class broke the rules and was sent to the principal’s office. I don’t remember her offense; I just remember she was genuinely sorry for what she had done. She had been sentenced to 6 swats, and that’s when her father and my dad (the principal) made an incredible decision. “I will take 3 swats if you take 3,” my dad told her father. They agreed that somebody had to take the swats and both of them took the punishment in her place. What an amazing picture of what Jesus has done for us! The punishment had to be carried out because the law demanded it but Jesus took our punishment for us! That is what grace looks like. God’s grace is so much greater than my sin.

Jesus, thank you for taking my punishment for me. Thank you that even though my sin is so great, your grace is so much greater. In Jesus’ name, Amen