READ: Psalm 14

Have you ever known someone that had something negative to say about everything? I’ll admit that there are times in my life that I have been more pessimistic than optimistic about certain situations. It’s one thing to be negative occasionally but some people seem to make negativity a sport! It’s almost as if they try and think of a negative way to spin any possible situation. I overheard someone talking about how much the lottery was up to one time and then said “if I won that $120 million, the government would take almost half of it in taxes!” I wanted to grab the guy and say, “But you would still have 60 million dollars!” We catch the psalmist in a “woe is me moment” in today’s chapter. The truth is: we all have those moments.

It’s really easy to allow the few negative things to overshadow the positives in life.

Today make a decision to focus on the positive instead of giving all of your attention to the negative. Make a list of some things that you are thankful for today, and whenever negative thoughts start creeping in, pull out your list and remind yourself of the blessings you do have. Don’t go through life being a negative millionaire.

Prayer: God help me to see all of my blessings and to give my attention to those things instead of the things that are wrong. Thank you for breath in my lungs, people that love me, and a roof over my head. (Take a moment to thank God for the little things you take for granted every day)