READ: Psalm 11

I grew up in church so I’ve seen all kinds of trends come and go. When I was a teenager in youth group, one trend that swept across the nation was “The Trust Fall”. I’m not sure who came up with this or why every youth pastor felt like they had to work it into a message but they did! It was all fun and games until my youth pastor chose someone with the upper body strength of a toddler to catch me! It was disastrous! If the goal was to teach me that no one can be trusted, my youth pastor succeeded! Maybe the day you lost trust wasn’t as funny, though. There are lots of experiences that can break our trust in people, in leaders, or in our family. And when trust is broken in one area of our lives, it often creates mistrust in other areas of our lives. Have you had your trust broken? And is that causing you to keep others in your life, including God, at a distance?

Friend, you can trust God.

I’m not sure who or what may have caused you to stop trusting, but it’s time to let it go! Life is too short to not have someone close enough to catch you when you fall.

Prayer: Man may have failed me, but God, I know I can trust you with everything! I give you every area of my life, I trust and rely on you.