18/21 Days of Prayer



“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

You can tell a lot about a person by seeing what they spend their money on. It gives you a glimpse into their passions. I have a cousin that spends thousands of dollars every year on a custom made rifle. We all have things we like to buy and there is nothing wrong with that. The old preacher saying is “it’s okay to have things just don’t let things have you.” Sometimes I get asked why God speaks about giving in the Bible so much. The truth is, God doesn’t need your money. After all, His streets are paved with gold! But God is after your heart.

God knows that your money and your heart are tied together and His desire has and always will be for your heart.

Let me ask you, does your money, your schedule, and your priorities show that God is the #1 priority in your life? I certainly can’t answer that question for you. I can only ask the question. Take a moment to ask the Holy Spirit if there is any area of your life you need to surrender to Him.


Jesus, I surrender all of my life to you. I hold nothing back at all. Amen.

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